Om Mama Rosa

Mama Rosa, the most famous Latin restaurant on Strøget, just situated in front of Illum. The restaurant is well-established with a nice atmosphere and many guests. It is the first Mexican restaurant  in Copenhagen which has given us an experice is preparing tasty food at competitive prices.

You can enjoy your meal in a smoking or a non-smoking section. Reservations are normally necessary, but if you just drop in we can usually find you a table. If you already feel yourself craving for a visit to the Mexican cuisine and Mama Rosa, we invite you to reserve a table here  and we will look forward to seeing you. The restaurant has both smoking and non-smoking section. You are able to decide where you want to sit, depending on your habits and intentions for the visit.

If you feel like teasing your taste buds or need some more information about Mexican food, please have a  look at our menus and our variety of services. We accept all major credit cards.